Thursday, June 5, 2008

~Week 35~ Sleeping & Eating & Sleeping

(reflections by danelle)

Yup. That pretty much sums up priorities right now. Sleeping. And Eating. Because this baby is always hungry. And I am always tired.

Growing a baby is hard work - especially in the final weeks. Whew.

My brain doesn't work as well anymore. Typically from being tired. Or hungry. Haha.

The baby was 5lbs, 10oz this past Friday (give or take a pound for u/s accuracy). So basically s/he is between 5-7 lbs. And quite the kicker, roller and tumbler.

S/he is supposed to gain 1 ounce per day from here to birth. No wonder I am hungry allllll the time.

I think on this last photo the baby looks more like Nick - more of his features are showing thru. Room is very tight, so it was difficult for them to get a clear photo. The little one is very squished...I don't see how that is comfortable. But I guess s/he doesn't have much longer to go.

And I better pray for 2 days of energy to get my butt back to the East Coast before I am so front-heavy that I can't waddle around anymore! Ah...but it's fun. :)

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