Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Induction / Pitocin Talk Has Been Served

(by danelle)

Here we are half way thru Week 38. It almost seems unreal - that time would pass so quickly. I remember feeling these last weeks were light years away. Every day it feels like the baby could come... especially when I am up at night with cramping and/or contractions. But, the vast majority of first-time mothers/babies (when left to NATURAL, normal labor and birth) carry till 274 days post-conception, which is about 42 weeks pregnancy. So I wouldn't be surprised if I have a few more weeks left. Whatever happens is perfect and fine. I know this baby will come when s/he is ready and that time will be best for us both.

I was shocked, surprised -- although knowing how things operate I shouldn't have been -- when at Week 37 the obstetrician started talking about induction.

Ah. I laughed inside - a laugh of disbelief that this ubiquitous pitocin/induction reality really is as present as it is in the United States. And here I am, a completely healthy pregnancy. With absolutely NO reason whatsoever to even bring up the discussion of pitocin/induction, and yet the topic is opened on the table anyway. (Nick's simple response (via email) was that he also was not surprised by this topic being brought up, and we would continue with our normal, healthy, homebirth as planned.)

I didn't respond to the OB. I knew I would not be returning post-37-weeks anyway. Any time after 37 weeks is when *things* start being done to you, and often without your permission - unnecessary cervical exams that push bacteria up next to the cervix...increasing the risk of infection and/or high temps in baby and mom...increasing the chance of a domino effect of interventions and ultimate c-sections...stripping of the membranes during "routine" exams...again, often without a mother's knowledge... And just the checks themselves influence the flow of prostaglandins at a time when they would otherwise not be released.

There is no way I would allow my baby (or my own body) to be subject to the consequences of pitocin (or the more extreme cytotec). These drugs first and foremost act upon the uterus in a very unnatural manner - causing pain for Mother, but also drastically reducing the flow of oxygen to baby. To baby, it feels as you would feel if you were repeatedly dunked under water without adequate time to take a breath in between dunking. It quickly leads to distress, decreased heart rate, and other "complications" during labor....which of course leads to forceps, vacuums, and/or c-sections. It isn't rocket-science. The domino effect in how this all works is quite simple to understand and break apart.

In addition to the unnatural contractions and decrease in oxygen, pitocin fills neuro synapses within the mother and baby and does not allow natural oxytocin to release as it would during normal labor. Once again, this dramatically decreases the "feel good" hormones, decreases those "love hormones" needed for optimal attachment, bonding, and breastfeeding.

There is a new movie coming out this year -- "Orgasmic Birth" -- I look forward to reviewing it. However, this ecstatic birth experience is something that cannot occur under the influence of pitocin, or the like. So many women have no idea what they are giving up - or giving into - for themselves and their babies, by blindly going with the flow and not looking into this just a little bit ahead of time.

There is a video clip I'd like to include here that shows just what pitocin does to a baby and mother during labor...but I have to figure out how to transfer it in an uploadable form first. Right now I only have it on DVD.... I'll insert it here when I figure it out (or take the time to do it). :)

One clip that another young momma posted on her story -- of how this induction epidemic unfolded can be seen here. It pulls at my heart. That she had to go thru what SO many women go thru... But she is a wise young mother, and quickly learned from the experience. Her revealing story is such a blessing to share with others, so they might not endure the same.

As I near the finale of this beautiful journey I've been on for the past 38 1/2 weeks, I continue to surround myself with empowering stories and examples of others who have celebrated thru each moment. The HypnoBabies
materials are excellent!! So is the book, Journey Into Motherhood. And examples such as this beautiful, peaceful mother (below) singing Psalm 23 just before birthing her 10 pound baby at home, in water, bring happy tears to my eyes.

I type this sitting comfortably in the same room as my big beautiful blue birthing tub...with some candles around and a perfectly peaceful, relaxed atmosphere -- my home. Put together all by me. All my germs. :) haha... no hospital germs. Where my baby has grown and developed this whole time, here s/he will come gently into this world.

I am excited! And so, so very thankful to have been led to this natural, normal, healthy, safe way of birth.


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