Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tales from the other side of the "Guess Date"...

(my first hibiscus bloom of the season)

Here we are. 40 and 3 :)
Other than feeling pretty physically (ok, COMPLETELY physically) drained pretty much all the time...having increased heartburn...hips that I think must be broken...and cramping that comes and goes ~ the mood around our house is a good one.

It is lov-E-ly having Nick home 24-7. We get to eat together, go on walks together, watch movies together. Talk about everything under the sun without email interception, screening and delays. It's fantastic. So I am just going to soak up this pre-baby time for us to be together.

The only downfall is I don't really ever feel like going anywhere. So we haven't been "out" at all more than to eat 1 time. We keep thinking we might go see a movie, or go to a baseball game...but so far the big belly, late pregnancy factors haven't provided us with a good opportunity to do so.

I am so glad that Nick was able to get home to experience these final days/weeks. We are thoroughly entertained by the baby kicking feet out of my side, moving a tiny baby butt up over my ribs, and morphing the baby home into all sorts of interesting shapes. Nick pushes or taps, and Baby pushes and taps back. It is quite cute! (Even if it does sometimes feel like it is squishing organs that don't like to be squished, or breaking off a rib).

We have a LIST of "things to get done before baby"... I started on this list early in June when I first gone back from Iowa. But there were a LOT of things to do... Needlesstosay we are down to the final 2-3 tasks!! Then we are REALLY ready.

Mom and I set up the birth tub a couple weeks ago when she was in town, and Nick and I filled it up yesterday so now it's really ready! The heater keeps the water nice and warm so we don't have to empty and refill in the meantime. Since it is only our own "germs" that are in the surrounding air of our bedroom, there is also no threat to the baby in this way. What the baby has developed within is what s/he will enter into upon arrival - from one warm watery world into another. Safe. Gentle. Beautiful.

(copper isn't sure what to think about it all)

(i told him he was going to get his shorts wet...)

(that clean tap water doesn't look so clear...maybe that's what we get for living 2 blocks off the ocean)

Today I woke from a little nap to hear Copper and Nick shuffling around in my bathroom (we each have our own bathroom so we don't "step" on each other too much). This has never occurred before so I wondered what was up. Then I see the plans for Copper's bath unfolding... Oh my... "I can do it Nick" I said knowing how hardmessywetfurry it is to give Copper his bath. And Copper is almost 9-years old (will be August 14) and he has NEVER had a bath from anyone other than myself. So I wasn't sure how he was going to be. Basset Hounds don't typically care much for water. Nick assured me he has washed dogs before and he wanted to take on this new Copper I let them go about their business. Worked out great and Copper is now his new shiny clean self ready for his summer application of tick/flea/mosquito medicine.

Thanks Nick!!! My hero in so many ways...
Yesterday we had our 2nd Home Visit with the midwives. I LOVE these visits -- having our checkup in our own home, on my own bed. Them coming to us with their supplies instead of us going to them. We sit around and talk about anything on our minds for an hour or so and I feel so well taken care of. My own bathroom, my own food, my own germs. Copper getting in on the action of baby-checkups. I mean, how many people get to have their Basset Hound at their side during prenatals and birth?! :)

They felt the baby with their hands, and thought the little one is just the perfect size and probably won't be coming for another week or so. They pointed out the various baby parts (my guesses were right - foot, knee, butt, head...) And they marveled at this little cutie inside. :) Homebirth midwives are a special person because they are just so in love with pregnancy, birth and tiny babies. The joy and excitement and peace and calm all mix together in their presence for perfect moments together. We have 2 "sets" of midwives -- Jenny & Terri, and Jeni & Vanessa. No matter which set is on call on our birthing day, it will be wonderful. Nick and I love them all. As does Copper. Oh, and 3 of them are also dog-rescue parents themselves so they all have a similar heart for the underdog like Nick and I do. :)


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