Monday, July 7, 2008

~ Made To Worship ~

(at the foot of the cross, with copper, and 28-weeks pregnant lil baby)

a fellow homebirthin', attachment-parenting, jesus-lovin' momma posted this in her blog. i really liked her expression of this holy place of love -- where creation really does reach out in worship to its creator. i have felt this on SO many occasions - especially while being pregnant, and intensely, as my primary pathway in connecting with Yahweh is thru worship, in all its various forms.

a matter of worship
(by becky)

a couple of folks at the fellowship where we go on sundays called a great meeting of the minds a few months ago to discuss a gathering of the people to worship - oh yes i am going ot say it - JESUS! if you dont know me yet, i am in love with some jeshua!!! i will jump at any chance to tell you love stories of him and myself. but most of you who know me know i am not quick to jump into calling myself a "christian" either.....please dont be offended by that, i dont mean it in an offensive sort of way.....what i do find offensive is the churchianity that our culture is trying to sell to us as a plastic packaged form of something that may have at one time resembled something like true faith.....(becky steps down off of soapbox...)it makes my heart break to think of all of the folks who have utterly refused to even think through it because of the scars that have been left on them by the fallacy of the modern church of jesus christ incorporated......

anyway, so we gathered to discuss a one night a month "worship" service where we could let the church use all of its gifts to worship Jesus.....i had the unbelievable chance to worship with chalk on a big ol' piece of paper....i used to get my hand smacked for drawing in church, now i was getting to do it as a form of worship to the one i LOVE!!!!

hellooooo....the whole place fell away, and it was just the spirit and me....telling me what to draw.....i could let go of any control i had, and let it the time the music had faded, i was covered with chalk from head to toe.....and it felt like i had been hit by a holy mack truck.....there is no way to describe what goes on in that speak a new language, you feel a new way, you are transformed, the world falls away.....but i want to understand this in a fuller sense.

we are made to worship....whether we realize we are doing it or not....every breath we take, every cell that dies, and is replaced by a burst of new life, every thought, every groan of our soul.....we worship.....we cant escape it....we may not recognize it while it is happening....but we are, it is......i cannot do anything without a backing force....i cannot make my heart beat, i cannot inhale to take my next breath, i cannot keep my muscles on my bones by sheer will.....these things are not of me....every moment a master piece is being acted out on my body, on every body, in everything.....each second brings a new explosion of being, and in that, you got it......worship. it is the crying out of the creation to the creator.....expressing itself as it is.....just how it we are.....

i am not writing this to preach, if you dont believe Jeshua is the son of G*D , or even if you dont believe in a G*D, i am not a bible thumper....but this is true faith....that the Ancient of Ancients from past the edge of all, created, loved, manifested himself, taught, healed, sacrificed, and broke all the chains that bind doesnt have to make sense on a grand scale....actually sometimes i stand back, and laugh.....but it is beautiful.....and i accept this, because i cannot deny it. the spirit of the Unfathomable has met me here, gathered me up, and given me a place. and i will Worship.....

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