Monday, January 28, 2008

The Mommy

So my wife is now in her second trimester. I think that's how you spell trimester. There is probably a hyphen in there somewhere, but I'm sure that someone will let me know sooner or later if that's wrong. Anyway, I'm glad that the morning sickness and all that stuff is over. I hated to see her feeling like crap and not being able to do much. We seem to be over that now though. She is much more active.

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~ danelle ~ said...

that is how you spell trimester. :) i am soooooo glad all-day sickness only lasted 5 weeks because in the midst of it, it seemed it would never end. i couldn't even remember what it was like to NOT feel like i was going to puke 24-7. but you (nick) were the perfect encourager and partner.