Tuesday, November 4, 2008

painless childbirth

I am not sure I buy every bit of what this book/video says...it might be a tad too new-agey for me...but there is also a lot of beauty and truth within as well. I loved - LOVED - being pregnant. And embracing each aspect of my body and my relationship with my baby was an incredible movement in my life. I also loved labor. It was the most intense, empowering, amazing experience of my life. I cannot wait to do it again (and hopefully complete our next time with a home waterbirth). Although the 23 hours I was in active labor after my water broke were taxing on my body (by the time we made the decision to transfer because Juneau could not turn to come out, I was pretty exhausted) it was still thee most wonderful experience to breath in and hold onto every moment. It certainly was not pain-filled. Having Nick with me through each birthing wave was also a transcendent, unifying experience. I am so thankful he was home to experience birth as peaceful as it can be.

Review from Mothering:

According to Painless Childbirth by Giuditta Tornetta, if there were ever a time when a woman should concentrate on getting her act together, maternity is that time. After all, she is in the miraculous process of creating another human being—and totally responsible for that child. Ms. Tornetta, a veteran birth and postpartum doula, says responsibility for your child begins with knowing the Nine Rights of Pregnant Women, which coincide with each month of maternity. Through understanding these rights and working with them, the pregnant woman is empowered and guided to look within herself to see where she needs to grow, just as her child is developing inside her. Ms. Tornetta has written the first self-help book for mothers-to-be. It makes good sense to think seriously about Ms. Tornetta's deep insights into maternity. A painless childbirth is one where the mom has no regrets about her maternity period or birthing experience. This wise book shows women how to accomplish just that.

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