Sunday, October 5, 2008


So in looking at intactivist tshirts...i saw three quotes that are great:

1) If men were meant to have foreskins, they would be born with them.

2) Sexual assault is not medicine.

3) Circumcision: An operation that permanently marks little boys with
their parents ignorance.


Comment by Stancypants:
Love em!

Comment by Hygeia:
I feel for all the women who went against their mothering hearts, and I understand how hard it must be for them to rise from the depths of denial...everyone requires healing when horrid behavior is forced upon our loved ones. We all know the value of a good cry. Come on, ladies, cry it out and understand the pressure you were up against - husbands, religious leaders, society - thanks to internet we are in a position to connect, un-learn damaging beliefs, heal from the trauma of cowering, and come on strong as collective she-bears protecting our young!

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