Monday, August 4, 2008


Pleeeaase baby come on out...

We have about 12 hours ... and about 4cm to go before we may have to go into the hospital for a nonstress test and biophysical profile to get the "ok" for baby to have 3 more days to make his/her arrival.

S/he is healthy, great heartbeat, kicking, and all that... moving down... slowly. And the contractions continue day and night, off and on... prodromal labor... early labor on and off which is typical (for those who choose not to be hooked up to pitocin) and it doesn't bother me. Just makes me always hope for TODAY to be the day.

But due to obstetrical lobbying in the state of VA (all about $$), birth attendants are bound by all sorts of rules and we will have to get a documented "all's ok" if active labor doesn't kick in by tomorrow.

Please God, Please.

I do not want to end up birthing in the way that is by far the absolute worst for Baby... full of drugs and on my back in some cold hospital room with strangers around....with the 50% chance of induction failure that exists leading to c-section.


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